Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Things I still can't do

I started this post a while ago and then left it.  When I came back to it today, I saw that I wrote it after the first time I went to bathroom at night.  Alone. By myself.  Without waking the Bear.  And that was less than a month ago.  This was after I wrote yesterday that I feel that I'm not making any progress.  Hmmm, how quickly we forget.

Still there are so many things, that ought to be natural and easy, and I can't do yet.  Like (in order of increasing difficulty) ...
  • lift my leg while lying on my side
  • walk up and down the stairs without putting both feet on each stair
  • drive a car
  • sit on the floor, preferably in the lotus position
  • put on my sneakers
  • cut my own toenails
  • stand on the toilet seat and lean out the window through to the service porch in order to pull up and rescue the unfinished dollhouse that sits on top of the dryer & occasionally, from the motion, falls off the unreachable back side of the dryer, making it nearly impossible to retrieve. 

Of course, I am the only one in my house who is even aware of this phenomenon. So it is obvious to me that the dollhouse will remain there until I can actually retrieve it and I'm not even going to mention it to anyone else who lives with me.

We take our bodies for granted.  The day that I get that dollhouse back on top of the dryer is the day I'll know I'm fully recovered.

(photo credit: thehotyogalounge.com)

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