Saturday, June 9, 2012

On blogging

Tuesday was my first full day back at work, so it seems I'm coming to the end of my chronicle of recovery.  Although my muscles are still ramping up to normality, I am certainly able to do just about everything I did before the arthritis disabled me. 

The question is whether to continue writing or not.  And if so, which direction to take?  
As you know, in my free time, I do enjoy reading blogs.  While it's true, there is a load of crap out there in cyberspace, there is also a fair share of good writers. And as always, although I don't always like what they write, I am sometimes jealous of their names and the singular clarity of their focus (not to mention their inevitable book-deals!).

For instance, there is The Pioneer Woman- who I actually liked until I read the post about taking her little boys shooting.  Or the Yarn Harlot - good name and a great blog too.  If you like reading about what someone else is knitting.  Not necessarily a spectator sport. I am also partial to some good cooking/baking bloggers as well:  Smitten Kitchen for one.  (I am a bad blogger and am not linking to any of them.  Forgive me but I'm guessing that none of you are really interested.)

I admit to still reading Weddingbee.  My addiction started when Little Mama was planning her own wedding and I got overly attached to some of those blogging brides.  Especially the ones, bless them, who wrote lovingly of their own MOBs.  And f**k off to the ones who were irritated by their own mothers over-involvement or wanting to invite more than their allotted number of guests or interfere in choosing their dresses/hairstyle/linens etc.  In truth, some of them are so young and immature, that I skip over them, but there are definitely some intelligent and interesting brides out there and I do like reading them.   Plus the pictures are beautiful.

The bloggers who I enjoy reading most are well-written, thoughtful ladies over a certain age. (Ahem.) Mostly they write about style, fashion and beauty after forty.  Subjects which, thinking about it, are somewhat superficial, yet these women are bright, amazing writers and I like reading what they have to say.  Nearly all of them occasionally write about what it is like living where they do and they live in some fascinating places:  the countryside around Paris, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, 

Also there are some hilariously funny bloggers out there writing about pregnancy and parenthood. While I like reading those sometimes, I'm way passed that stage of life.  So naturally, I recently looked up blogging grandmothers and while there are some out there, none who I actually enjoyed reading.  Hmmm, perhaps that's the niche to go for? 

Based on all of this, it's clear that my continued blog should be called: Bubbi-licious Expat or something to that effect.  Well I will have to give this some more thought.  Check this space - you're not quite done with me yet!  

(Yes, Prof. Palmtree said he would not operate on me just so that I could 
wear high heels again.  But guess what?! How's that for fashion over fifty?!)

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