Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yoga, on the beach, at sunset

The other day, M invited me to a yoga class on the beach at sunset.  A friend of hers recently started teaching yoga classes and she was giving a free class to promote her new business.  Beach, yoga, sunset? It was an irresistible offer!

Naturally, I was a tiny bit nervous about doing all the movements but I decided that anything that I couldn't do, I just wouldn't.  I was hopeful that there would be enough poses that I could handle.

We got to the beach around 6:30.  It was a windy afternoon and the beach was nearly deserted. The sea was a dark shade of blue. Robust waves pitched onto the beach with a thunderous crash.  The sun low in the cloud-scattered sky.  Excellent weather for a sunset.

The instructor began. It was hard to hear her over the din of the waves, especially because she was so gentle.  Both her voice and her manner.  It was the precise style of yoga required for my first class in more than 18 months, slow and deliberate.  Focus on breathing, nothing too strenuous.  I managed to do most of the positions.  The only thing I skipped was the chair pose, a sort-of squat, mainly because I feared getting back up.  And although I did get into the tree pose, I quickly abandoned it on the left side. It was simply too much weight bearing on my hip joint.

The sun dipped just below the horizon as we laid down on the sand to relax at the end of the hour-long session.  It was a wonderful re-introduction to Yoga.  My goal when I return to work next week, is to get to the Wednesday morning yoga class in the gym at my office.  It won't be nearly as nice as it was on the beach, but it will definitely help my further my recovery progress.

For now, I'll leave you with a few pictures of a most enjoyable evening.

(me and my fellow yogis in the Triangle pose)

(Dear Friend M in the Lotus position)

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