Friday, May 11, 2012

Lucky Me

Does my blog seem a bit whiny and self-deprecating to you?  Sometimes I think that I'm not being positive enough in my writing.  Because relatively, I don't have much to complain about.  How do I know? 

When my aches and pains and sometimes my self-confidence are acting up, I look in on various recovery forum for hip-replacement patients.  If you are interested, you can have a look yourself here.  Some of those "hipsters" have complications or are just plain slow.  Maybe they're all simply older than me. I don't know, but whenever I read these, I inevitably wind up feeling good about myself and my progress.  

This week marks my 10 week anniversary and while I may not be bounding down the 4 flights of stairs, I am doing it without the cane.  In fact, I have pretty much stopped using the cane entirely.  I'm driving too. OK - so our mattress is still elevated as is the toilet seat, but I sort of like them that way.  Otherwise, life is nearly back to normal.

My muscles are still not anywhere near as strong as they were before (I'm working on that) and I still have the odd day when I feel weak or have over-done the exercises and feel achy.  But in general, I try not to let it keep me down.  Since last week, I've felt more like my old self again.  I've been going out and meeting friends, going to the gym and working one day a week from home.

I feel badly for the people writing on those forums.  Or is just that the kvetchy people write on forums & all the normal recovery patients are lurking quietly keeping to themselves?  Maybe that is human nature and why I tend to complain here on my own blog.  We tend to vent about the bad things in our lives while blithely ignoring the good. 

So here are my reasons to be thankful today:
  • I went two cane-less rounds around the track in the park with the Bear (that's 3 kilometers) earlier this week and twice to the gym to ride the stationery bike. 
  • I managed to sit in the lotus position on my bed for a minute or two. (I couldn't hold it any longer than that but I haven't been able to do even that for over a year). 
  • The top third of my incision site is feeling softer and almost normal again (the bottom is still hard and discoloured) and sensation is beginning to return. 
  • I haven't taken any sleeping pills or pain killers, not even Advil, and I've slept well all week this week.
  • I went out to dinner with family friends on Wednesday and to the movies with my gal-pals on Thursday.  My energy levels have definitely improved.

I can't wait to go to the pool, sit on the floor, take a bath in two more weeks!

  so soon.......


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