Sunday, March 18, 2012


Before I started this process, I had several obvious goals in mind.  Although I doubted that I'd be able to do that split ever again and would probably have to give up my dream ski vacation,  I had wanted to be able to go back to spinning, yoga & Pilate's.  I wanted to be able to sit on the floor and play with my niece and any future grandkids.  I wanted to be able to walk unhindered anywhere at all without having to wonder if I'd be able to make it back.  My most irrational fear was that after all the pain and suffering of the surgery and recovery, I still wouldn't be able to do those things.  (Part of me is actually still nervous about this...)

Right now those goals all seem very far away still.  Since coming home from the hospital, I have been slowly making progress in walking and with the exercises that the physical therapist gave me.  But I've had to modify my goals, at least for now.

Most of the exercises I can manage without any problems, except for the abductors.  The abductors are the muscles that allow you to open/lift your leg sideways.  That movement I can barely do at all.  As a result I can't haul myself up onto the bed alone.  Someone needs to lift my bad leg and move it to the left as I maneuver the rest of my body up onto the bed.  I do try to baby-sidestep my way around the perimeter of the bed each morning to make the bed. I don't know if this is just due to sore muscles or if it has something to do with the incision site.  Whatever the reason, it is terribly frustrating.

With regards to the walking, I try to walk a little further every day than the previous day.  My first goal was to get to the Makolet cafe and have a coffee!  I managed to achieve that goal on Day 11 after the surgery.   That was encouraging and meant I always have a place to sit and have a cup of reinforcement before moving on.

My next goal was getting to Daughter M's.  On Saturday, I walked as far as her street but hesitated going down the hill to her apartment as I was a tiny bit apprehensive about getting back up again. 

By today, Day 14, I had hoped to get to Kupat Holim because this is the day that the staples were due to come out. No need for that after all, because last week, the nurse agreed that she would come to the apartment around noon to take out the staples and instructed me to take the painkillers about 30 minutes before her arrival.  So this morning I didn't take any painkillers before going out for our morning walk.  We decided to walk over to the clinic anyway and remind the nurse that today was the day.  M and I started out early to give ourselves enough time and we went the long way round.  Afterwards looking on the map, I realized that it was 50% more than yesterday's walk.  Without painkillers.  Big mistake.

Later, after the much-needed painkillers, removal of all 34 staples and a very long nap, I realize how much of a relief it is without the stitches.  The wound looks rather unsavoury but not as raw as I thought it would. But more importantly, I feel so much freer and I seem to be able to move my leg sideways with more ease.  Perhaps it's just my imagination but I'm getting ready to put another check on my list of accomplishments.

The door is open and a world of possibilities awaits.

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