Saturday, March 3, 2012

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I don’t have a good name for a blog.  That, in fact, has always been the biggest obstacle in starting one.  (Well that, and the fact that the only correct response to that daunting blank page and blinking cursor staring at you is to stare back and snap shut the laptop.)  I read a lot of blogs and also their comments and I am constantly amazed by the “noms de plume” I find there.  Because although I may encompass some of these qualities,  I wouldn’t ever define myself, or title my blog, as Urban Wife, Sweetopia, Lavenderlover, Karen in Kansas (ok  but the alliteration is good & you know what I mean) or even Busy Working Momma.

There are some that do give pause though, Notes from A Broad (that is meant to be a play on words, right?),  The Vegetarian Accountant (hmmm,  fits the bill but neither is really topic I’d choose to blog about.  Not long ago, I did try to write about the inevitability of my accounting job being outsourced and bored myself to sleep, so I couldn’t possibly subject you, Dear Reader!), Fab at Fifty!, but sadly, these clever ones are already taken.

I am a book-keeper, a baker, a knitpurl-er, a lover of arts, a reader and some-time writer, possibly-hopefully-occasionally elegant but not really privileged, a mother and a shviger (!) a daughter and a wife,  but I am not and never will be one-dimensional.  I am the sum of my parts and couldn’t possibly name my blog so narrowly as to miss out of all those other aspects of life. While it’s true that every blog-advice column I’ve read instructs one to have a focus, I think that this could be somewhat limiting.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Yet now, I find myself at a crossroads, about to undergo a total-hip-replacement which will possibly change my self-perception and hopefully my life.  I have always felt strong, healthy and active.  But lately swimming has replaced going to the gym, spinning and yoga.  And never being a few minutes walk from my motorbike has replaced traipsing across Tel Aviv on foot.  I’m far from physically-handicapped and I don’t usually let my ailment impede my life, but almost everyone who knows me has noticed my limping or has seen me, at one time or another, struggling.   So have I finally found my focus?

It seems like the occasion has, at last, presented itself to me.  So I will blog about this:  the adventure that stands before me.  I will keep you posted on my preparation, surgery, recovery (although I can’t promise that all those other things in my life won’t crop up here and there) and take this as a jumping off point and write about what I’m going through and how I’m doing.   And no, I’m NOT calling this blog The Hippy Hippy Shake!

Rather the image that comes to mind is Dorothy, standing in Munchkinland about to being her great adventure in Oz, not knowing where it will lead her but with tremendous optimism and tingly anticipation.  Three small footsteps at the very starting point of the Yellow Brick Road, right where that band of yellow swirl meets the red.  Three notes, ba, ba, ba, Follow the Yellow Brick Road? Three more footsteps, ba, ba ba, Follow the Yellow Brick Road!  And off we go.

Join me on my journey and wish me luck!


  1. Well, Dorothy did not make the journey down the yellow brick road alone. We are with you, sister (even if I did like Hippy Hippy Shake for the name)!