Friday, March 23, 2012


After the surgery, I promised myself that I would take things easy.  Mentally as well as physically. That I would expend my energies on getting well, on recovery and not on getting upset and worked up about petty or negative stuff.  That I would let things go...

Here's how I know I've become more mellow:
  • Skunk Hair
    L did my hair using root-touch-up sent by Mom & Shvester (Thanks Guys).  Halfway through the application, she  said "You know, I think this is BLACK".  Now I have skunk hair and I don't care.
  • Sneakers on my bed
    Daily, the Bear puts my dirty, street-pounding sneakers (!) on the duvet when he is putting them on me. Did I say Dirty? Not only haven't I freaked out,  I haven't even mentioned it to him. (Sweetie, if you are reading this.....)
  • The Kilimanjaro stack of dishes in sink
    I just avoid going in the kitchen.  Period.
  • 25 Travelport calls a day
    Yes, 25. At least. (OK - so half of them are from my replacement calling to tell me how much she hates my job).  Rolls off my back.  :-)

Hmmm.  Here's how I know I've got a ways to go:
  • Wednesday's semi-hysterical groin-pain post
    Re-reading my last post, it seemed to me that I was a wee bit overboard.  Probably I should call the doctor to discuss my concerns but I should also relax and give my body a chance to repair itself.  (Plus everyone I've talked to since are convinced it's just a pulled muscle.)
  • Unclenching my butt
    I'm constantly finding that when I'm sitting in the recliner, I'm clenching my butt muscles.  I need to consciously relax the muscles in my bottom.  Constantly. What is that about?!
Obviously I can't sit on the floor and do yoga yet.  But I'm going to go and find my shanti now.  Ommmmm.

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